Sagentia and TT Electronics sign multi-year licensing deal on platform position sensing technologies

26 March, 2015

Sagentia, an international science, product and technology development company, announced today that it has signed a multi-year license agreement with global electronics group TT Electronics for Sagentia’s MuTrack™ and Sensopad™ platform position sensing technologies. These novel technologies offer a lower cost, more robust alternative to existing sensors that are available, enabling improvements in performance and efficiency and helping to differentiate otherwise commoditised products.

Sagentia has a long history of innovation and successful licensing of low-cost position sensing technologies which combine the benefits of non-contact operation with outstanding price/performance ratio. Its science and technology teams developed Sensopad™ and MuTrack™ to offer innovative, low-cost, accurate and rugged position sensing technologies for application in a wide range of markets.

TT Electronics, which supplies leading manufacturers in the transportation, industrial, aerospace, defense and medical markets, recognized the potential of Sensopad™ in particular for use in automobile pedals, as well as in headlamp leveling, chassis height, and suspension control systems. It originally acquired the automotive rights to Sensopad™ in 2004 and used its extensive market reach to successfully launch and commercialize the technology, selling five million units a year to leading automotive companies including Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW under the brand name Autopad®.

The new agreement with TT Electronics, which is in place until 2021, builds upon the pre-existing license agreement, extending it into other industrial markets and also now includes the next generation MuTrack™ platform. Under the terms of the new agreement, TT Electronics is granted certain non-exclusive rights to Sagentia’s MuTrack™ and Sensopad™ technologies. This will allow TT Electronics to grow its position as a provider of cost-effective, robust solutions to the automotive industry, as well as giving it a strong position as a supplier into the industrial automation and smart manufacturing communities. It is expected to result in millions of Sagentia sensors being applied to products in the automotive, industrial automation and manufacturing industries across the world.

Dr. Alun James, Senior Vice President at Sagentia, comments: “With these two platform technologies we are really taking position sensing to the next level. This has been achieved through combining deep knowledge of sensor physics and advanced modeling methods, with robust engineering of digital electronics, sensor design, and software algorithms. Our partnership with TT Electronics has been built through 10 years of successful sensor sales in the automotive market and it is great to see this partnership now extend into new markets and new technologies”.

Commenting on the deal, Tim Biggs, Sensor Technologist at TT Cambridge, said: “This really is game changing, giving us access to whole new market sectors and allowing us to tackle opportunities our competitors simply can’t address. Our proven expertise in the automotive field as a whole, and with Autopad in particular, will really put us at the head of the field as we leverage this new technology”.

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