Article in CLP: What self-sampling for women’s health testing means for labs

“With greater emphasis being placed on women’s health needs, and gender-based health inequalities under the spotlight, change is on the horizon. Health testing is a prominent aspect of this coming change, and developments will present challenges and opportunities for clinical labs.

There are two converging trends: the rise of women’s health technology and increased use of at-home sample collection for diagnostic tests. Ongoing innovation in these areas could significantly improve the accessibility of women’s health testing. It will also have repercussions for labs, potentially changing the way samples are received and processed, and the way results are distributed. The quantity and quality of samples may be impacted, too. It’s important for labs to be aware of likely developments so they can prepare, and potentially collaborate with the health technology companies driving change.”

Read the article by Sagentia Innovation’s Kate Marchio, Aditya Malkar and Nick Collier in CLP here.

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