Which technology innovations will shape our future?

24 June, 2015

Sagentia, a leading international science, product and technology development company, is today co-presenting with MIT Technology Review on the top breakthrough technologies for 2015. This is the third successive year that MIT Technology Review and Sagentia have partnered to evaluate the role of emerging technologies and their potential impact on future R&D.

The event will see Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review, introduce the 10 emerging technologies which it believes to be game-changing and highlight the problems that they could potentially address. He will be joined by Nick Collier, Chief Technology Officer at Sagentia, who will evaluate the technologies from an R&D perspective, discuss some of the key technology trends driving these advances and share insights into how to successfully bring new technology to market.

This year, the technologies include examples from the communications, medical, agriculture, and consumer markets and range from 3D virtual reality, to blood tests that detect very early-stage cancer. With the rise in the use of connected devices and the proliferation of internet usage, this year’s selections particularly highlight a range of innovations in communications technology including Apple Pay, Google’s Project Loon and the Internet of DNA.

“MIT Technology Review’s mission is to help our audiences understand a world shaped by technology and this event does just that. Each year, we highlight a range of recent technologies which we believe have the potential to provide real and lasting change in their particular fields” comments Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review’s Editor in Chief and Publisher. “We are delighted that Sagentia, as a leading industry partner, work with us to provide informed critique into the technologies we identify and beyond – sharing insights into new areas they see every day when working on cutting edge science and technology projects. Together, we provide a forum for interested parties to discuss major breakthroughs and, importantly, to learn practical ideas on how to evaluate and commercialize new technologies.”

“MIT Technology Review does a great job in highlighting important developments in science and technology that could have a positive impact both on peoples’ lives and on the direction and effectiveness of future R&D. Science and technology is at the core of everything we do at Sagentia and so I’m really excited to be talking with Jason about these technologies and also sharing some of the latest trends and advances that we’re seeing in R&D and product development” remarks Dr. Nicholas Collier, Chief Technology Officer at Sagentia.

The event is free to attend and takes place this evening from 5:15pm-8:00 pm at the MIT Bartos Auditorium in Cambridge, MA. 

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