Front end innovation

Sagentia Innovation work with start-ups and multinationals to de-risk and fast-track innovative products and services. 

We’ve helped support our clients achieve:

  • Early identification of customer needs and preferences in the early stages of product development
  • Faster time-to-market by identifying potential roadblocks early and making necessary adjustments
  • Reduced risk by testing and validating ideas early in the development process
  • Increased revenue potential by creating products that better meet customer needs and preferences
  • Improved brand reputation by creating products that are more innovative and customer-centric

Overall our team help you stay ahead of the competition, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to greater business impact.

We balance human insight, technology, concept design and validation


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Human insight

We believe true innovation starts with insight into people, their biases, emotions, and habits (both conscious and unconscious). We think it’s the best way to provide leadership teams with the evidence to make investments in R&D. Using a mixture of primary and secondary research techniques, we identify stakeholders, and explore use and case environment to articulate qualifiable needs and hypotheses aligned to your business goals.

Services we deliver:

  • Market segmentation, stakeholder identification, recruitment, and discussion guides
  • Secondary research on trends, insights in adjacent/analogue industries   
  • Product benchmarking and A&B testing
  • Primary research (Qualitative & Quantitative, ethnographic, communities and journaling)
  • Persona gathering, journey mapping & Day in the life insights to articulate experiences
  • Physiology, sensory and behavioural testing
  • Opportunity roadmaps evidenced with hierarchy of needs and hypothesis


Breakthrough technology development

New user experiences can’t rely on today’s technology.  We develop breakthrough technology to drive tomorrow’s products and services. Using scientific first principles and modelling, we deploy deep scientific understanding to characterise and develop technology.

Services we deliver:

  • Analytical simulation (MathCAD, FEM)
  • Multiphysics simulation (COMSOL)
  • Technology review(s) proving/validating performance claims
  • Monte-Carlo Tolerance analysis
  • Functional decompositions (system morphology)
  • Proof of concept technology prototypes


Concept design and visualisation

Commercial success requires balance across user, technical and commercial disciplines. We create and validate compelling product and service solutions. Bridging systematic concept design and stakeholder feedback, we focus on the details of use, feasibility and viability and work with you to select a meaningful solution for your business.

Services we deliver:

  • Convergent and divergent ideation
  • Systematic inventive thinking
  • Industrial design and CMF visualisations
  • UX/UI mock-ups
  • Proof of concept prototypes
  • Voice of customer interviews and formative usability studies


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