Industry networks

OTM Networks runs networks and joint industry projects covering a wide range of challenges and technologies, bringing the oil & gas industry together to collaborate and develop standards and recommended practices.

Current industry networks

Geomechanics Initiative is a new industry initiative fostering collaboration, best practice and knowledge sharing on the application of geomechanics in oil & gas.

Plugging and Abandonment Collaborative Environment (PACE)
 PACE was launched in September 2016 with key industry drivers identified as cost-effective plugging and sealing, rigless P&A, and barrier verification & multistring logging. The network aims to promote P&A collaboration in order to increase awareness of the global regulations, understand capabilities of current and emerging technology, share knowledge and experiences to improve operational best practice and collaborate on cost-effective solutions to common technical challenges.

Subsea Wireless Group (SWiG)
 SWiG was established to promote interoperability for subsea wireless communications. SWiG members are working together to define standards that facilitate interoperability between users of different subsea wireless technologies (acoustic, radio frequency, free space optics, etc).

MCS-DCS Interface Standardization Network (MDIS)
To streamline the Master Control System (MCS) and Distributed Control System (DCS) communications on topside systems, a standard interface needs to be developed, including a standard communication protocol. The MCS-DCS Interface Standardization (MDIS) network was formed to do this.

Inflow Control Technology
For the past 6 years PICT was the primary worldwide knowledge sharing forum for passive inflow control technology. The scope has now been broadened to include active and autonomous inflow control technologies and the name changed to Inflow Control Technology to reflect this.

The Geopressure Management Network (GMN)
GMN is an operator only network with the objective of advancing its members' knowledge of geopressure management which it does by facilitating the sharing of established best practices and leading edge thinking in geopressure management.

Subsea Fiber Optic Monitoring (SEAFOM™)
SEAFOM™ is an international Joint Industry forum, with the original vision of promoting the growth of fiber optics in subsea applications. This has now been expanded to encompass all upstream oil and gas industry applications.

Technology Management Network (TMN)
The TMN is a forum in which oil industry strategists and R&D planners share their own experiences and learn from non-oil & gas benchmark companies and academics. The Network meets regularly and through a facilitated process identifies critical success factors and technology management best practice.

Drilling Engineering Association (Europe) (DEA(e))
The DEA(e) is the upstream oil and gas association dedicated to the advancement of drilling engineering technology. The objective of the DEA(e) is to improve access to and use of drilling technology on a worldwide basis through ongoing knowledge-sharing and supply chain stimulation.

Production Engineering Association (PEA)
The PEA is a pan-industry operator network focused on upstream oil and gas technology. The objective of the association is to improve access to and use of production technology on a worldwide basis, through knowledge-sharing and supply chain stimulation.

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