Personalised skincare product design

Our client asked:

To design a best-in-class new product range for genome-based personalised skincare.

The project story:

The first part of this project was to identify genes which have a high impact on skin health, but which are sometimes impaired to increase the appearance of skin ageing. To do this, our genomics experts collected genes into functional groups and identified clusters to underpin a gene-based diagnostic panel; simultaneously, a matrix of skincare products was designed with a range of functionally-relevant supplement ingredients.

The final design ensured that customers were navigated across this product matrix via the genetic test results, with every customer receiving a skincare recommendation tuned to their genetics.

Results: deliverables and outcomes

Over 100 genes were highlighted as potential skincare targets, with a gene panel selected based on functional impact and variant frequencies.

Clustering these genes by function allowed the design of a matrix of products with skin cream formulation ingredients specifically selected to supplement metabolic insufficiencies (low-activity gene functions).

To simplify initial deployments, reduced matrices were designed for launch, with multiple suggestions for subsequent product range enhancement and value-add.

Competitor-aware design ensures the product matrix is world-leading in its personalisation at a much higher genetic resolution than the current market.

Rapid turnaround; our deep expertise provided complete research and product design from scratch within six weeks.

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