Reusable chip-on-tip camera for surgical robot

Our client asked:

Sagentia Innovation was asked to develop high performance 2D and 3D chip-on-tip cameras for a robotic surgery system. In order to meet the cost per use targets, the camera needed to be suitable for multiple uses.

The project story:

In undertaking this development, Sagentia Innovation:

  • Conducted the optomechanical design of the 2D camera to achieve the required resolution, field of view, depth of field and illumination
  • Integrated the camera with the overall robotic surgery system
  • Identified high quality optical component suppliers, allowing the commercial supply chain to be established
  • Designed the camera enclosure for cleaning and sterilisation during reprocessing by hospitals, testing prototypes to FDA guidance and AAMI standards incl. TIR 12 and TIR 30
  • Developed electronics suitable for the environmental conditions imposed by steam sterilisation and vaporised hydrogen peroxide sterilisation

Having successfully developed the 2D camera, Sagentia Innovation moved on to the 3D version:

  • Specified the camera using practical assessment of visual comfort to 3D
  • Undertook rapid design and development of first prototypes of the next generation camera in order to promote the product at the annual AAO conference

Results: deliverables and outcomes

  • Novel design suitable for repeat cleaning and sterilisation
  • Best in class optical performance
  • 510k clearance and market launch


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