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Sagentia Innovation's surgical device consultants work closely with surgical device and equipment providers looking to address the needs of the Operating Room and the wider surgical continuum of care.

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Today’s surgical healthcare providers are faced with complex, and often conflicting, demands on the need for efficiency, with increasing pressure to improve clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcome measures, while reducing the overall cost of the care cycle, as patient volumes and demands continue to outgrow budgets. Adding the surgical backlog created by the COVID-19 pandemic to this mix and the interest from providers in extending their reach beyond the Operating Room (OR), the market environment is more complex now than ever before.

With our surgical device consulting services we explore the opportunities for technology and innovation to address these challenges, but without insight and understanding, it can be difficult to know which should be considered first – which will have the greatest impact on healthcare and which will lead to commercially successful medical products?

The surgical world is evolving fast and many challenges are associated with changes in technology, regulation, reimbursement, and medical practice. The OR is increasingly served by a range of digital tools and Artificial Intelligence holds much promise for both the OR and the perioperative care of patients. But there are recognised barriers to market entry and adoption and,  of course, there are there unknown challenges that need to be uncovered to create a successful product.

We’ve worked with medical device manufacturers and industry leaders and innovative start-ups on hundreds of surgical and interventional projects during our 30-year history – across multiple surgical specialities and across the peri-operative continuum of care. Sagentia Innovation’s medical team has deep expertise in medical device development and surgical and interventional products, regulatory consulting, including surgical robotics and navigation, energy devices, digital solutions, advanced visualisation and imaging, drug delivery, connected implants and biosurgery.


Technology for today and tomorrow

Technology for today and tomorrow

We provide both breadth and depth in technology and scientific expertise to our clients and their projects. By pulling together the best experts we’re best placed to drive cross-sector learning.


From physical, chemistry, and life sciences, to digital skills, and from electrical and mechanical engineering, to sensory science, we can drive more efficient project understanding, innovation, and development.

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What’s special about us?

Why do we do it?

Where we add value

What’s special about us?

  1. Innovation. We mix technical depth with a broad range of scientific, commercial, and user-focused skillsets to tackle our clients’ toughest problems. We deliver strategies and solutions that disrupt the status quo
  2. Insight. We bring intellectual rigour and experience to our clients’ work; we challenge and drive return on investment
  3. Speed. We work fast, with teams focused on end-goals, quality and time-to-market, operating in markets we know and understand
  4. IP. We put our clients first. If we work on a patentable piece of technology on behalf of a client, our clients always get the IP
  5. Regulatory. As part of Science Group PLC we have access to >100 regulatory and compliance specialists

Why do we do it?

  1. Because it matters. We seek to help our clients make a difference to real lives.
  2. To raise the bar. By sharing our breadth of expertise and experience across the markets we know we can facilitate and accelerate successful innovative growth and business strategies.
  3. For our clients. When we work with our clients they see us as their partners. Their success is vital to us and we are genuinely excited and delighted when they select us to be part of their journey to research and develop.
  4. We love it. We’re fascinated by science and technology, the world in which we live and the macro trends and issues which are changing our lives. We want to help shape transformation.

Where we add value

  1. If something seems an impossible task, we can deconstruct it and come up with a plan
  2. We will take on – and deliver against - moonshots
  3. We believe we have one of the widest skills bases anywhere and can take on some of the more unusual or challenging projects. If it’s a weird one, give us a shout
  4. We’ll always tell our clients if we can’t help, or if we think there’s someone better for the job
  5. If you are responsible for looking at macro trends in your businesses that might pose a threat or create an opportunity and you need to do more digging – we can dig for you. And more than that we’ll make sense of what we find and give you next steps
  6. We enjoy our work. And we think you’d enjoy working with us too

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