The opportunity of smart, continuous indoors air improvement

Our client asked:

Our client wanted to assess the significance of the commercial opportunity for household air quality improvement, including in the assessment elements such as what are the key concerns highlighted, how aware and concerned is the average consumer nowadays and what are the current offerings in the market for key countries around the world.

The project story:

 Sagentia Innovation conducted a programme of advisory research to establish:

  • Key consumer concerns regarding air quality at home
  • The relevant population segment in each country
  • The competitive landscape of conventional offerings and all-in-one smart devices
  • Competitiveness of our client versus other established players
  • The different scenarios and potential opportunities for our client

Results: deliverables and outcomes

Our recommendations included:

  • Current client credentials and their position of strength
  • Recommended plays for our client in different markets
  • Where to play independently
  • Where to seek partnerships
  • Where not to play

An estimate for the size of the price in different geographies

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