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Digital transformation has been a key driver of technology-enabled business change in the last decade. Sagentia Innovation helps organisations harness the power of digital technologies to transform their businesses.

We bring together domain and market knowledge, deep technical expertise, and business know-how to help you create digital transformation strategies that readily translate into action plans, deliverables, and results.

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Driving business growth in a digital age

Sagentia Innovation provides advisory and product development services to clients focused on digital technologies and IoT development, driving innovation and customer-centric successful digital business transformations.

We help clients both to create and capture value. We help:

  • develop new value propositions
  • optimise clients’ internal processes
  • introduce compelling new business models and strategy
  • architect and build digital services both connected to physical products and as stand alone

We ensure that digital world initiatives support the broad strategic aims of our clients, whether that be developing new service propositions, improving cost efficiencies, or addressing macro-trends such as sustainability or the consumerisation of health.

Sagentia Innovation works across the Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Chemical, Energy and Medical sectors and understands the dynamics of these different markets. This specialist expertise gives us an unrivalled ability to transfer learnings from one vertical to another.

A key differentiator of Sagentia Innovation’s digital offerings is the integration of the firm’s strategic and technical capabilities. The advice that Sagentia Innovation provides is grounded in real-world practical experience – a critical factor in securing organisational buy-in to new proposals.

Our product development teams offer deep technical expertise in systems architecture, novel sensor technologies, data science, AI, machine learning, computer vision, thermal dynamics, flow control and cloud computing.  We can help you evaluate the emerging technologies that will enable your strategy and work with you to craft solutions that can truly transform your business. 

Why Sagentia Innovation

  • Sagentia Innovation combines strategic thinking and market analysis skills with science and technology consulting so that we produce strategies that readily convert into plans, deliverables, and results
  • We understand how the adoption of digital technologies is driving change in consumer, medical and B2B markets – driving significant shifts in ecosystems, value chains and business models
  • We have experienced consultants who can assist clients in creating hybrid business models that span physical and digital worlds
  • We are experienced at working with traditional product manufacturers who want to make their products connected or smart
  • We make the effort to really understand your business and your challenges so we can craft solutions that are specific to your needs
  • We can help you define the proof of value or proof of concept to help you sell your proposition internally to those making the investment decisions

Our digital transformation services

Sagentia Innovation assists organisations cross-sector understand the impact of digital on their businesses, creating strategies that flow into plans and business change.

Digital transformation: strategy and realization

We provide digital strategy consulting to organisations looking to radically change their businesses through digital transformation. We have extensive experience in developing new value propositions which deliver a step-change in the experience of users (both consumers and B2B). We help our clients evaluate their value chains and ecosystem relationships to create a commercially viable business strategy.

Getting Smart: embracing the Internet of Things

We help organisations wishing to change their product portfolios to become smart or connected. We can help you prioritize and roadmap the best way of achieving this. And we can assist with the redesign and redevelopment of existing products to leverage novel technologies and connect them to a digital ecosystem.

Process optimisation

We help organisations embrace digital technologies which enable process optimisation in their own businesses. This can range from using digital technologies to enable remote monitoring of production processes or outputs, through using AI, machine learning or computer vision, to create predictive models for maintenance or quality control (for example) avoiding expensive unexpected downtimes. Finally, we can help optimise the efficiency of either the process or the outputs so that they are consistent, efficiently using materials and resources.

Machine learning, AI & computer vision

Emerging technologies such as machine learning AI and machine/computer vision have the ability to transform the way businesses operate and many companies are trying to leverage such technologies to change their businesses. There can be difficulties in moving these initiatives form experiments to operationalising their use. Sagentia Innovation brings together a history of innovation, powered by science and engineering, with long-established skills in medical, industrial, consumer, and food and beverage industries to help organisations take the next step.

Data Science

We provide a wide range of data-driven skills – including building a strategic roadmap, designing new products, building sensors and collecting data, identifying and acquiring data from the right sources, data cleansing, combining and enriching data, visualising hidden patterns, building predictive models, behavioural modelling, and uncovering unusual high risk events. Most importantly of all, we will work in partnership with you to bring these capabilities to bear on your latest project to ensure its success.

Novel sensor development

Sagentia Innovation has been developing sensors for over 25 years and it is a core competency for us and one in which we have market-leading capability. We have knowledge and experience in a broad range of sensing technologies such as: Optical sensing; Electromagnetic; Ultrasound and acoustics; Thermal; Flow Haptics & Tactile sensing.

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Frequently asked questions

Servitisation is the process of moving from providing primarily products to providing services. The classic example is Rolls Royce who moved from selling aircraft engines to providing engine hours or uptime. Its customers don’t have to worry about engine maintenance, and the cost is spread out as an OpEx rather than a large upfront CapEx. Digital technologies enable this as they provide the ability to monitor the physical product in operation and to feed back that information digitally.

Computer vision is the ability of computers to be able to recognise real, physical objects and interpret them digitally. In digital transformation it is helpful because it can be used to monitor actual physical things (such as products at the end of a production line) and feed back key information.

Smart or connected products have the ability to connect to digital ecosystems. At a basic level this can involve placing an internet chip or a Wi-Fi connection in a product so that it can connect to the internet. The product could then be made smarter by embodying sensors which might measure location, temperature, power supply, motor noise/wear etc so that useful information can be relayed to the digital ecosystem.

Eileen Buttimer, Senior Vice President, explains how we help our clients adapt to and stay in control in the ever-changing world.

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