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The rapid pace of development in genetic technologies presents new opportunities in healthcare and beyond. But as genomic technologies become more accessible how can organisations determine which offer the most potential then apply them effectively?

Cancer diagnosis and treatment has been the forerunner of genomic personalisation in medicine thanks to high levels of interest and investment. Today, advancements made in cancer are poised to drive and shape progress across the wider medical sphere as well as in general wellness for consumers. We’re also seeing the emergence of interesting genomic applications in other industries that involve living organisms, such as agriculture.

Some of the most impactful genomic applications are likely to involve the empowerment of individuals to take control of their health. There is already a lot of market activity in the consumer wellness arena, indicating that this environment is on the cusp of an exciting phase of development.

One of the most promising areas is nutrigenomics, which looks at the interplay between genes, nutrition and health. An individual’s vitamin metabolism can already be used to tailor vitamin and mineral supplement recommendations based on genetics and new findings related to the microbiome, gut health and the gut-brain axis are also a major driver of innovation strategies.

It is expected that further advancements in the way genomics is applied to healthcare, consumer wellness and other non-medical applications will happen quickly and suddenly.

As people’s trust and understanding of genomics grows, the consumer wellness space is likely to see game-changing disruption. With lots of exciting early-stage activity underway in start-ups, there are inevitably going to be many acquisitions and strategic partnership formations. As the situation unfolds, companies that deploy the most useful and different aspects of genomic technology will be best placed to leverage commercial benefits.

What can Sagentia Innovation help with:

We expect to see a lot of genomics activity over the coming months and years. We take a pragmatic and strategic approach to identifying the research and development opportunities to help our clients establish a leading position in the market. Our team have substantial knowledge of how genetic variants and mutations impact human health, how they interact with each other to modify their effects, and which are directly actionable.

We work to understand the growing and evolving marketplace to seek novel targets and market niches, and also how to use morbidity statistics and population variant frequencies to ensure a sustainable product is developed with clear revenue expectations.

We can also work with clients to look beyond initial product design, at a growth plan to ensure their product isn’t overtaken by a rapidly moving market.

Our services include:

  • Advisory: Developing a strategic vision and roadmap for using genomic knowledge and bioinformatics data to develop and grow new products and solutions
  • Data aggregation & visualisation: Identifying, collecting, cleaning, intelligent parsing and aggregating of internal and external data
  • Insights and predictive modelling: Analysing huge multiple datasets to derive insights and answer specific customer service questions
  • Ecosystem retention: Advise and design systems and products to work seamlessly together, retaining customers within company services
  • System validation: Competition scanning and systems revalidation to endure market-leading position
  • Reporting and dashboarding: Delivering reports and dashboards to make insightful analytics available across the world

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