4 dental highlights from IDS 2023

Author: Carl Hewett, Design Director

It was great for Sagentia Innovation to participate in the International Dental Show (IDS) this year. 120,000 trade visitors attended to find out the latest in dental technology, which ranged from holistic virtual care, and self-care support alternatives to software linked portable scanning devices for diagnostics. More than 1,700 exhibitors attended IDS to discuss the latest innovations in dental interventions, and all the major players were represented, including 3M, Colgate, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann and Planmeca.

Advancements in end-to-end surgical planning were a dominating factor, with some of the highlights noted below:

Intra-oral scanning and digital impressions

Digital imaging is progressing at pace, with many providers now offering core technology platforms. It’s exciting to see the minimalisation of systems that are progressing from conventional stereoscopic/focus hand held scanning imaging towards “camera cube” endoscope technology mounted in the distal tip. Systems from Dentalwings and Biotech-Dental are good examples of this approach providing clinicians with smaller profile systems for a more efficient working practice.

Guided surgery using positional technology

We have experience with vision system tracking tools in the surgical setting at Sagentia Innovation, and it was great to see the clinical benefit that this emerging technology brings

in dental planning systems. Whilst common methods use tried and tested top mounted cameras and larger optical/fiducial markers, we were excited to see Miniavident adopt a less intrusive system with a direct camera system mounted to the handpiece for a more ergonomic experience. We see this as the start of a shift to more slimline systems where less obtrusive technology could be applied, such as electromagnetic triangulation.

Microbiome innovation

Oral microbiome product innovation seems to be establishing with providers headlining the importance of healthy oral bacteria in the defence against dental health, but also downstream gut health. It’s a nice example of consumer cross over where B2C channels will enable consumers to take charge of their oral health. To find out more on this topic, you can read our white paper on microbiome innovation.

Substantiable good practice

Sustainability is a worldwide trend, and one that the dental industry is tackling face on. Providers of filling compounds are really looking seriously at the sustainable impact of UV cured compounds. This goes from virgin plastic reduction in syringe applicators to minimal dead volume in nozzles to reduce waste. 3M has a great example of such system thinking, with the added value of improved ergonomics from the smaller profile syringe.

Other trends we might expect to see developing

  • Antimicrobial clear aligners - One might think there’s not much innovation to be had with PETG clear aligners, but with a growing market of new players, new customer benefits could be introduced, such as base polymers embedded with coatings delivering antibacterial properties
  • Regenerative dentistry - Whilst the latest regenerative techniques are focused on non-bovine based bone reconstruction, we might soon expect to see stem cell and biomaterial research migrate from the lab into initial products for direct dentin repair. Imagine a future without fillings!

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