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Aditya (Aadi) Malkar recently joined the medical team at Sagentia Innovation as Sector Manager. With a strong track record in biomarker discovery and the commercial aspects of innovative medical device development, he’s passionate about improving people’s lives with innovative MedTech products.

Innovating for earlier detection of disease

Previously Aadi worked for a start-up that’s developing a breathalyser for the early detection of cancer as well as inflammatory and infectious diseases. His professional experience is complemented by an academic background which includes a masters in analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as a PhD focused on identifying non-invasive biomarkers of diseases such as asthma and colorectal cancer.

This background underpins Aadi’s motivation to accelerate the development of devices that make it quicker and easier to obtain accurate diagnosis of disease. He brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to client projects.

“When disease is detected earlier, everyone wins,” Aadi explains. “The patient journey is more straightforward and often shorter, and a positive health outcome is more likely. Reducing the extent, complexity and duration of treatment is good for health economics too. Improving the front end of healthcare where diagnosis happens has a positive impact on the entire health ecosystem.”

Bioinformatics is not just for genomic data  

Aadi’s former work with metabolomics – the largescale study of metabolites within cells, biofluids, tissues and organisms – necessitates a deep knowledge of bioinformatics. He’s well-versed in the use of tools and techniques for the rapid analysis of vast datasets to deliver actionable insights. In his view, effective strategies for the management and interpretation of data are a cornerstone of early disease detection.

“For many people, bioinformatics is synonymous with genomics. But ‘omics is a diverse branch of science that also encompasses proteomics, microbiomics, metabolomics and more. The ability to leverage useful insights from large, complex datasets is fundamental to the transformation of healthcare. Improved diagnostic techniques are just one aspect of this, many areas of healthcare could be enhanced if data was harnessed and used more effectively. Innovators place great importance on healthcare data, and it is evident that data capabilities will play a central role in future developments.”

Here at Sagentia Innovation, Aadi works closely with our experts in genomics, bioinformatics, data science and digital medicine. Together they enable our clients to devise and develop new technologies that decentralise healthcare and empower individuals to take greater control of their health. Combining data analytics and technical innovation delivers ground-breaking outcomes that benefit individual patients and healthcare providers alike. 

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