Fiber Optic Monitoring Group

19 August, 2020

Fiber optics isn’t just about cable TV or broadband: in oil and gas, there are numerous ways this technology is being used. For example, with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) through fiber, you can literally listen to the well – it’s like having a stethoscope at various points along the length of the well.

If you want to know more about the use of fiber optics in energy – then our SEAFOMTM network is a wealth of information for you.

SEAFOMTM deals with fiber optics sensing in subsea, dry tree, and land well applications as well as in land and subsea infrastructure such as pipelines and flowlines. 

SEAFOMTM has three meetings a year for three main purposes:

  • knowledge sharing
  • developing recommended practices and procedures, and
  • taking other steps that it believes will facilitate growth in the use of fiber optics.

There are currently three working groups active in SEAFOMTM preparing recommended practices on:

  • Downhole connectors
  • Pipeline monitoring and leak detection performance

Fibre optic system design guide.

SEAFOMTM has already identified five areas where recommended practices were required, and, as a consequence, has developed and published freely available guidance on:

1. Functional Design and Test Specification for an Optical Feedthrough System used in Subsea Xmas Tree Installation (SEAFOM-TSD-01)

2. Functional Design and Test Specification for Subsea Electrical and Optical Connectors and Jumpers (SEAFOM-TSD-02)

3. Measurement Specification for Distributed Temperature Sensing (SEAFOM-MSP-01)

4. Measuring Sensor Performance – DAS Parameter Definitions and Tests (SEAFOM-MSP-02)

5. Fiber and Cable in Harsh Environment – Recommended Testing Procedures (SEAFOM-F&C-01)

SEAFOMTM member companies have also:

  • Developed a 101 training course which is presented by leading experts adjacent to one of the main SEAFOMTM meetings
  • Published a unique deployment survey of downhole fiber optic installations
  • Undertaken the preparation of a primer – a 100-page reference document for the uninitiated reader to convey the core ideas of Fiber Sensing Technology in Oil and Gas scheduled to be issued end-2020

The next main SEAFOMTM meeting is scheduled to take place between 20th - 22nd October 2020

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