Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power)

OTM Consulting are doing many things to share knowledge - keeping you updated, informed and connected in the areas of technology management, drilling, production, subsea, subsurface and P&A.

The last few months have been very challenging for the energy sector: budgets have been tightened yet again, more is expected from less, there are calls for getting a higher performance while driving lower costs, and more.

We’ve also had to find new ways of working: remote working, video conferencing, VPN, networks, SharePoint are amongst the raft of tools we’ve been adopting more in our everyday working lives.  

One of the ways we at OTM have been helping the industry is by enabling networking between peers and keeping our network members up-to-date with technology deployment and development. 

OTM provides technology management consultancy to the energy sector with one of our key offerings being our technology networks and JIPs - here.

Our network meetings used to be physical events, held in hotels and client offices around the world -providing a unique opportunity to build networks and meet similar technology oriented people.

Our networks cover the entire oil and gas lifecycle:

Segment of lifecycleNetworkLink
Technology ManagementThe Technology Management NetworkTMN
DrillingThe European Drilling Engineering AssociationDEA(e)
Production & operationsThe Production Engineering AssociationPEA
SubseaMCS-DCS Interface Standardization NetworkMDIS
Subsea Wireless GroupSWiG
Fibre Optic Monitoring GroupSEAFOM™
SubsurfaceGeomechanics Initiative NetworkGIN
P&APlugging and Abandonment Collaborative EnvironmentPACE

Since March 2020, we have moved all of our networks and JIPs to virtual events – but the benefits and value for our members remains the same – and they are as well-attended and appreciated as ever.

I wanted to share with you some of the meetings that have taken place, and some of the outcomes and outputs. I’m sure you’ll find this of interest.

Though virtual meetings are not a first choice for most, they have enabled a much wider participation, with meetings that used to benefit 55 people, now attracting over 130 people to attend and benefit.

Keeping you in touch and up-to-date

We are investigating networks in sustainability, flare reduction and IoT. 

If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact Shreekant Mehta for further information and to register your interest or to suggest another topic that could become a network theme.

We have continued to invest in software and training to ensure excellent meeting experiences for all attendees.

The one thing that is missing is networking – we are working on tools that will allow networking; it will never be the same as shaking someone’s hand (when we can do that again), but the tools we will be introducing will allow as close an experience as you can get on a computer…. Watch this space.

Are there any other topics you would like to see launched? Let us know here.

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