Dare to dream in the battle to beat urban skin stress

19 July, 2017

Sagentia’s latest white paper advises marketing professionals and R&D teams that the technologies to fight urban skin stress are within our grasp.

The impact of pollution from traffic and heavy industry on respiratory health has long been a source of concern, but now the effect of pollution on people’s skin (urban skin stress) is gaining attention. Exposure to pollution can cause skin irritation, chemical damage, and accelerated aging. There is a belief it can also create allergen pathways, leading to serious skin conditions. Children and infants are particularly vulnerable, as they have immature immune systems and their skin has fewer barrier properties.

Sagentia has identified that the market is calling for technologies to support three core consumer needs: the ability to monitor an individual’s level of exposure to pollution, proven anti-pollution cosmetics to protect against pollution and personalized skincare systems to meet an individual’s unique skin requirements.

Neil Campbell, Vice President of CPG Business Development at Sagentia, says many of the technologies to meet consumer needs in this space are not just in the concept or prototype stage but are ready for the market now. “Cosmetic and personal care companies should not feel restrained in their ambition to fight urban skin stress; they can feel confident that the technology is keeping pace with their aspiration.”

Sagentia supports companies looking to address the issue of urban skin stress, utilizing relevant technologies to create successful commercial products. Inexpensive monitoring patches containing sensors are one example of Sagentia’s expertise; they change color in the presence of pollution, helping an individual to measure the level of pollution in their immediate environment. Sagentia worked with one client to develop a diagnostic and personalized dispensing system. The device is able to assess an individual’s skin requirements, mixes together the right serums for the individual and then dispenses a personalized cream directly into the consumer’s hand. Sagentia also helps companies create rigorous testing procedures in order to substantiate the ‘anti-pollution’ claims of their cosmetic products.

Sagentia’s white paper is available to download at: www.sagentiainnovation.com/insight/new-innovations-in-beating-urban-skin-stress/