Nuvola Service Platform: rapid proof-of-concept and de-risked scaleup of digital services, apps and IoT

Nuvola is a cloud services platform currently supporting more than 2 million IoT devices around the world.

Nuvola provides the environment and tools to enable organisations to prototype digital services, analytics and IoT ecosystems quickly and in a controlled and predictable manner, in combination with Sagentia Innovation’s design and development teams. We can rapidly develop proof-of-concept, then support ramp-up to managed production services or de-risked handover to a third party or in-house platform.

The Internet of Things is revolutionising how people, homes, workplaces, and wider society operate. Impacting on B2C and B2B organisations, it has the capacity to radically change business models. For IoT applications, Nuvola is ideal in two particular situations:

  • Many organisations that are early in their digital journey need a low-risk approach to transition their traditional product-based business to use connectivity but are unsure where to start or how to get there quickly.
  • Some large organisations that have already transitioned to large scale digital services may wish to develop innovation projects in a secure environment outside their IT infrastructure for the proof-of-concept stage to minimise risk and development time.

In both cases, with Nuvola, we can help with a fast sandbox and proof-of-concept leading to early stakeholder engagement and product trials, without the need to commit to a final production provider too early.

Why Nuvola?

  • Our multi-cloud architecture allows us to support your architecture preferences: we can build on-premises, single cloud, or hybrid-cloud solutions on the platform
  • Built on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure components enabling up-scaling when required
  • Pre-built data structures for analytics and dashboards
  • Straightforward commercial model alongside a development, managed services, and support
  • Ideal for IoT and analytics applications
  • Running a mixture of workloads from production services serving millions of devices
  • Supports legacy virtual machines as well as newer container-based and serverless deployments which reduce the time and cost of deployments, improve business agility, and minimise IT infrastructure management headaches
  • Provides functionality for device management though monitoring and upgrades of software running on edge devices
  • Architected to allow compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA

Facts and stats

  • more than 5m devices in use
  • in 180 countries
  • 99.999% 24-month uptime
  • more than 200 brands
  • more than 1,000 product SKUs
  • 1.1 million devices per day
  • 1,700 new devices per day
  • 1,100 requests per second

From test to scale

Duncan Smith, Managing Partner - Consumer, explains how, with Nuvola, our cloud offer we are able to experiment and prototype in a cloud sandbox environment, but also allows us to scale solutions very rapidly, with services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Nuvola has been in production for more than 7 years. It was originally developed to support Frontier Smart technologies’ world-leading digital radio modules and services. It is only now that we are offering it to other third parties to support development of their IoT and digital products alongside Sagentia Innovation’s design and development services.

Nuvola isn’t another platform – it’s a configuration of existing components from Microsoft Azure, AWS and other third parties to give an optimal infrastructure for rapid prototyping of reliable innovative services and IoT devices, along with functionality for IoT device management, device software updates and multi-cloud management which we have developed.

Either because (a) you are early on your digital journey and don’t want to commit to a long-term provider yet but want to de-risk the transition to either option later, or (b) because although your organisation has agreements with AWS or Azure, you want to run a sandbox project for this new innovation before engaging with your IT department for scale-up.

No. You are only locked into our platform and services for as long as you want to be. If you want to migrate to another platform, we can support that.

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