Webinar: Minimum Lovable Product – Using empathy to make your products fly

Date: 25th April 2024 

Time: 11:00AM EDT (4:00PM BST)

Presented by: Carl Hewett

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Investing in a Minimum Lovable Product can enable a more seamless transition from early adopters to the mainstream market and quicker commercial returns. But how should R&D teams address this subjective matter? Join Carl Hewett as he outlines a systematic approach that puts empathy at the heart of product development.

Key discussion areas will include:

  • Why do some products fail when the ingredients are there?
  • MVP v’s MLP, and how do we cross “the chasm”
  • MLP considerations
  • How to create products and services to connect with your customers

Presented by:

Carl Hewett

Carl Hewett is Design Director at Sagentia Innovation, he attained a 1st class degree from Loughborough University in Industrial Product Design & Technology. For 15 years, Carl has partnered with international clients developing cutting edge projects across diagnostics, dental and FMCG. Carl is passionate about creating impactful user experiences by blending technology and human factors into novel devices using in-depth experience in ethnographic needs translation, ideation and design for manufacture.

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