Healthy aging and longevity: challenges and opportunities

Author: Tatiana Sergeenko, Principal Consultant, Life Sciences

As the number and proportion of older people in the global population grows, healthcare priorities are changing. Healthy aging – and more specifically, healthy longevity – is an important aspect of this. With medical care pathways shifting from reactive to proactive and preventive care, healthy longevity is set to centre around earlier detection and better prediction of age-related diseases, and self-care. Sitting at the convergence of next-generation molecular-level diagnostics, novel geroprotective therapies, and advanced data analytics, healthy longevity is becoming a major category spanning medical and consumer health. In this whitepaper, Sagentia Innovation summarises the current healthy longevity market, suggesting that its evolution and maturation will open a new realm of clinical and commercial opportunities to ensure more people achieve healthy longevity across the life course.

This whitepaper discusses:

  • What are healthy aging and healthy longevity?
  • Why and how do we age?
  • How are aging processes measured?
  • Health conditions associated with aging
  • The current commercial landscape
  • Biomarkers for assessment of biological age
  • Use of data analytics for healthy longevity
  • How to be at the forefront of healthy longevity
  • Five areas ripe for innovation in healthy longevity

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