Is cell therapy commercially viable?

07 March, 2017

Cell therapies have huge potential for the treatment of a range of human diseases including cancer, metabol­ic disorders, tissue degradation and immune deficiencies. Before these therapies can be effectively commer­cialized for widespread and cost-ef­fective clinical use, however, there is a need to find robust, repeatable and scalable ways to generate large vol­umes of cells and test to ensure they are a safe and effective therapy.

There are difficulties in commer­cializing these products so that they are available at an affordable cost to a great number of patients because of the fragile and individualistic na­ture of cell therapies. There are two inter-related key requirements: the ability to generate huge quantities of cells (millions, even billions) and the ability to produce small numbers of personalized cells at scale – automat­ing current complex and manually intensive processes.

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