The European Drilling Engineering Association

19 August, 2020

The art of drilling has become a science and has evolved at a blistering pace; drilling has been described as the equivalent of fixing a carburettor through the exhaust – and in 2020 they can tune it up and put in an engine management system too!  The DEA(e), an association to share knowledge and best practice for drilling engineering, has been in existence for more than two decades.


The DEA(e) membership consists of 42 operators, service companies and academic institutions and meets four times a year, meetings are member only and capped at 55 participants. The DEA(e) had its first ever virtual meeting in June 2020 and, uniquely,  was uncapped and attracted 130 attendees from member companies participating in the day-long event. It was themed on “Digital breakthroughs in the drilling industry”. 

Aker BP discussed the digital ecosystem it is developing that will revolutionise the way it approaches the E&P lifecycle, and OGTC / Robert Gordon University shared the findings of work it has been doing to understand best practice in adoption of digital technology. 

In addition, a number of companies discussed how to digitise operations – recognising that no one company has the answer but that working together can build a foundation for digital transformation. And just to prove that technology development is still taking place, there were cases studies on innovative use of surface logging data, mini-electronics in BHA’s, and providing power downhole through pipe.

The final piece included a sneak preview at two operators’ IoT projects: one using analytics to allow rig automation, and the other on digitising cuttings returns analysis, early stage drilling programs from offset well data, and optimising ROP from offset well data using machine learning.

The next DEA(e) meeting is on 10th September 2020 and is themed on “Complex well delivery using managed pressure drilling (MPD) or other enabling technologies”.

Please contact Sally Marriage for more information.

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