Nanoscale computer processing

24 October, 2016

This year Sagentia is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion the team takes a look at some of the key trends in the last three decades and how these breakthroughs in science and technology have impacted the way we live and work today. In this first of a series of articles, we look at the emergence of nanoscale computer processing.

Small wonder: the emergence of nanoscale computer processing

One of the fundamental shifts over the last 30 years has been the way that processing power has evolved from a reliance on discrete components to increasingly complex multifunctional chips. The result has been inordinately high-performance computing delivered from transistors which are invisible to the eye which have enabled a vast array of game-changing applications for business and consumers.   This article takes a look at the major technology developments in this area and then considers how medical diagnostics, manufacturing, and industrial processes as well as consumer applications have benefitted from a range of embedded applications.

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