Why genomics & bioinformatics will matter to medtech companies

Gene-based precision medicine has become central to the strategies of many pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies working to prevent and treat cancer using bioinformatics and genomics. Sagentia Innovation’s Simon Forbes, Head of Genomics & Bioinformatics, and Rob Morgan, VP - Medical, share their thoughts on why gene-based precision medicine matters increasingly to companies in the wider medtech and medical device market, and the threats and opportunities it presents.

What do we mean by precision medicine?

Precision medicine (sometimes ‘personalised’ or ‘genomic’ medicine) is an emerging approach to preventing, treating and managing an individual’s medical treatment by focusing on the genetic causes of disease rather than a patient’s symptomatic consequences. It is based primarily on DNA sequencing technologies which are becoming ever cheaper and faster, while also considering the individual’s symptoms, biochemical and imaging metrics as well as other environmental and lifestyle factors. By focusing on genetic causes of disease, precision medicine is designed to avoid potentially vague or misleading symptoms by determining the exact piece of DNA that is the disease source.

Why precision medicine matters to medtech companies

By focusing patient assessments on distinct disease causes, therapy can be tailored to the biological functions that are going wrong. $billions are now aimed at designing (download to read more)

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