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Sustainable beauty success will be limited unless conflicts are resolved

According to R&D consultancy Sagentia Innovation resolving this conflict is essential to enable the creation of...
News Press release November 09, 2023

THINK Surgical’s TMINI Miniature Robotic System developed with Sagentia Innovation gains FDA 510 (k) clearance

THINK Surgical, Inc. recently announced that its TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System has received 510(k) clearance from...
News Press release May 31, 2023

Strong science, global reach, and commercial progress: standout features of science award finalists

The medtech category finalists of the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards are always impressive and...
News Press release May 26, 2023

Synthetic biology offers new potential for personal care

SynBio is increasingly seen as one of the leading trends for the personal care, speciality chemicals, food, consumer...
News Press release May 04, 2023

“Innovative food and beverage propositions targeting the microbiome must consider technical, commercial, and regulatory input,” says Sagentia Innovation

Food and beverage companies developing next-generation products and services that target the microbiome must look...
Press release February 10, 2022

“Innovative skincare products targeting the microbiome must consider technical, commercial, and regulatory input,” says Sagentia Innovation

Next-generation skincare products and services that target the skin microbiome must look ‘beyond the product’, and...
Press release February 10, 2022

The OPC Foundation takes ownership of the MDIS Sub-Sea Standard

Sagentia Innovation is excited to report on the continued success of MDIS which started as an OTM network in 2009. MDIS...
Press release December 10, 2021

“For cultured meat to gain mainstream market acceptance, it needs to out-perform conventional and plant-based meats on multiple levels” says Sagentia Innovation

Cultured meat could enable serious challenges facing the global food system to be overcome sooner if manufacturers...
Press release October 08, 2021

“Sustainable food solutions must recognise environmental, social and economic factors,” says Sagentia Innovation

Technical developments for a sustainable food future must consider the bigger picture to deliver meaningful benefits...
Press release September 30, 2021

Sagentia Innovation picks up Red Dot: Best of the Best award for voice-controlled surgical loupes

  A voice-controlled surgical loupe headset, sPEEK, designed by Sagentia Innovation’s multidisciplinary team has...
Press release August 02, 2021

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