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“Innovate around sample collection to accelerate Point of Care diagnostic device development,” say R&D experts

Experts at the R&D consultancy highlight shortcomings in capillary blood collection and enduring problems with...
News October 27, 2022

Untangle complex haircare demands with responsible innovation

Scientists and consumer product experts at the R&D consultancy point to the increasingly important role...
News July 21, 2022

Leveraging at-home molecular diagnostics opportunities requires dual focus on costs, regulations, and sustainability” says Sagentia Innovation

Medical device manufacturers looking to develop molecular diagnostic solutions for home use need to ensure that price...
News July 20, 2022

Sagentia Innovation joins forces with sister companies to address customers’ complex sustainability needs

Together with regulatory specialists TSG Consulting and Leatherhead Food Research, the R&D consultancy is committed...
News Sustainability July 19, 2022

Major players’ R&D leaders collaborate to help land net zero ambitions

Innovation leaders from seven global companies have joined forces to bring a technical and science-led footing to the...
News July 11, 2022

Regulating microbiome skin care

Determining which microbiome-related skin issues can be addressed with cosmetics is complex. Dr Tatiana Sergeenko, Dr...
News June 28, 2022

SWiG releases a new industry standard for underwater wireless acoustic communication

To address the problem of this increasing diversity of systems, the SWiG JIP (Subsea Wireless Industry Group) was...
News May 12, 2022

Bringing ambitious food and beverage ideas to life, fast

Client-focused innovation support Colm has a deep understanding of food and beverage sector process and plant design...
News May 06, 2022

Article in Food & Drink Technology journal: Probiotic era

The global market for pre- and probiotic products continues to grow at pace, and the opportunity to personalise such...
News April 14, 2022

Science Group celebrates Women in STEM

As part of Science Group, Sagentia Innovation is proud to support women and girls practicing and pursuing careers in...
News February 11, 2022

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Science Group offers independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Its specialist companies Sagentia Innovation, Leatherhead Food Research, TSG Consulting and Frontier Smart Technologies collaborate closely with their clients in key vertical markets to deliver clear returns on technology and R&D investments.

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