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Technical due diligence of strategic investment potential and technology landscape

Our client asked: Ingevity is reaching into new markets to hedge against anticipated declines in its internal...
Industrial 10 February, 2023

Roadmap to deliver energy and water recovery in food production

Our client asked: How can we capture and reuse waste heat and water from the production of multiple product lines to...
Industrial Sustainability 25 November, 2022

Demonstration project: Harnessing low-cost edge-based IIoT to deliver process efficiencies and reduce costs

Our clients ask: Sagentia Innovation works with leading businesses across the industrial, food & beverage, consumer...
Food and Beverage Industrial 14 September, 2022

Global assessment of technologies and providers that enable low carbon concrete

Our client asked: Our client, a multinational industrial conglomerate, asked us to explore current and emerging...
Industrial Sustainability 09 September, 2022

Internet Radio service for wireless music speakers

The Nuvola Cloud provides an Internet Radio & Podcasts service for more than one million daily users. The project...
Industrial 11 February, 2022
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