Case studies archive

Development of a hydrogen generation cartridge

Our client asked: Our client needed to develop and manufacture an actively pumped hydrogen cartridge for its portable...
Industrial 25 January, 2024

Refrigerant liquid or gas flow monitor design

Our client asked: The client wanted to detect leaks from a refrigeration system but without breaking into the pipes...
Industrial 29 September, 2023

Vision system using AI identifies objects in dusty agricultural environment

Our client asked: Our client wanted to determine the precise positioning and settings of a wide variety of agricultural...
Industrial 04 July, 2023

Troubleshooting a new solenoid product design

Our client asked: NSF Controls makes a range of solenoids and switches. It began developing a new shut-off valve for...
Industrial 24 April, 2023

Technical due diligence of strategic investment potential and technology landscape

Our client asked: Ingevity is reaching into new markets to hedge against anticipated declines in its internal...
Industrial 10 February, 2023
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