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Assessing future risks of contamination of plant-based ingredients

Our client asked: What are the future risks of contamination in plant-based ingredients, and how can we be better...
Food and Beverage 03 October, 2023

Food Drink Europe: Production of reformulation and innovation guide

Our client asked: FoodDrinkEurope asked Sagentia Innovation to leverage its expertise and track record in product...
Food and Beverage 19 May, 2023

Identifying opportunities to valorise CO2 waste streams

Our client asked: How can we create new value from existing CO2 waste streams while considering specific technical and...
Food and Beverage Sustainability 25 November, 2022

Demonstration project: Harnessing low-cost edge-based IIoT to deliver process efficiencies and reduce costs

Our clients ask: Sagentia Innovation works with leading businesses across the industrial, food & beverage, consumer...
Food and Beverage Industrial 14 September, 2022

Alternative functional ingredient identification to grow supply network

Our client asked: Our client, a global confectionery manufacturing company, was interested in growing its ingredient...
Food and Beverage 09 September, 2022
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