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What roadmap do we need to follow to achieve our commercial objectives?

  Our client, recognising key market trends, set an objective to reposition its products on two key market...
Food and Beverage Industrial 07 April, 2021

Is there opportunity to reposition a stable and commoditised food product to command a premium in the US foods market?

  This project aimed to establish if and where there was opportunity to move one of the client’s established...
Food and Beverage Industrial 07 April, 2021

Could a novel packaging technology developed for a specific application be commercialised more widely?

  Our client asked: Our client made a significant investment in creating a concept for a more flexible and...
Food and Beverage 07 April, 2021

Who can supply process equipment better suited to size our potato chips?

  The equipment used to size potato and other vegetable chips in the snack industry has remained the same for...
Food and Beverage Industrial 07 April, 2021

Who can help us establish small footprint manufacturing in new markets?

  We worked to help our client develop more flexible and less resource intensive methods of manufacturing, in...
Food and Beverage Industrial 06 April, 2021
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