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We work with industry leaders and innovative start-up companies in the healthcare industry who have a shared vision, to drive better patient outcomes through increased market understanding, and technological innovation.

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We have deep expertise across many disciplines, and over 30 years of experience gained from thousands of projects in medical devices, surgical systems, diagnostic solutions, dental technology, drug delivery devices and more.

We are seeing a surge in women’s health and digital health technology and are working to drive innovation in these areas.

Across the broad range of projects in which we are proud to work with our clients, some of the more frequent client needs and questions we address are things like:

  • What changes are happening in the marketplace and how should we address the unmet needs?
  • We’ve got this great technology; how can we make it commercially viable?
  • What’s our medical device digital strategy and how do we implement it?
  • I’ve got all this data – what do we do with it?
  • What’s the most efficient way of getting this device through the regulatory process?
  • How can my product gain more competitive advantage?
  • How can we improve our product to enhance the user experience?
  • How can I get my new product to market quicker?

We understand the sometimes conflicting regulatory, market and user drivers for medical developments which can lead to the need for innovation, creative design, and hard science during development to ensure devices and services are safe, effective, and easy to use.

When we work with our clients, we endeavour to ensure the brief is right and then work to that brief so we can be sure to deliver the best outcome for our clients. 

Our team is passionate about what we do and are driven by their desire to support the medial industry in making a difference. To discover more about the medical sectors we work within, visit our medical sector pages.

Also, we further the discussion across industry by sharing our market and technology knowledge in webinars, white papers, and articles. Visit our insights page to view these.

Any of our medical team would be pleased to talk to you about your project and we invite you to contact us and arrange a meeting with one of our experts.


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