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Identifying opportunities to valorise CO2 waste streams

Our client asked: How can we create new value from existing CO2 waste streams while considering specific technical and...
Food and Beverage Sustainability 25 November, 2022

Roadmap to deliver energy and water recovery in food production

Our client asked: How can we capture and reuse waste heat and water from the production of multiple product lines to...
Industrial Sustainability 25 November, 2022

Aktiv Pharma Group: Mathematical model to understand a heat sealing process

Our client asked: How hot does the biologic inside a packet get when the packet is heat sealed during a filling...
Medical 23 November, 2022

Personalised skincare product design

Our client asked: To design a best-in-class new product range for genome-based personalised skincare. The project...
Consumer 10 November, 2022

Demonstration project: Harnessing low-cost edge-based IIoT to deliver process efficiencies and reduce costs

Our clients ask: Sagentia Innovation works with leading businesses across the industrial, food & beverage, consumer...
Food and Beverage Industrial 14 September, 2022
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