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New devices in personal care and beauty

04 December, 2015

A Sagentia white paper co-authored with Unilever.

Innovation in the personal care, health and beauty industry has traditionally been dominated by R&D in formulation chemistry and huge marketing budgets. In recent years, however, a new frontier has emerged: the area of devices. This paper outlines the device opportunity, market drivers, and key enablers. This is followed by specialist perspectives on the consumer, technology, and diagnostics viewpoints written by experts in each field.


Devices can be used in multiple ways in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market, namely diagnostic devices that provide consumers information about their care regime, devices that are used in combination with a chemistry to deliver therapeutic benefit, and standalone therapeutic devices. This has all been done in the past but what is different now is that devices are looking like the next key innovation platform to help take the CPG market forward. The current drive for devices is fuelled by consumer appetite for ‘something more’ and a string of technology advancements offering exciting yet affordable functionality.

The trend is evidenced by a number of global CPG companies starting programs to evaluate how to successfully integrate technology-enabled devices and diagnostics into existing chemistry based brands. The aim is to create differentiation in the market and provide consumers with new levels of efficacy and experience by addressing their unique physiology and providing multi-sensorial experiences. Unilever, P&G (referred to in a 2005 Bloomberg report as Proctor & Gadget), Reckitt Benckiser, L'Oréal, Avon, and J&J have all in the last five years launched devices or made announcements about partnering with device technology firms. This builds on the successes of early beauty devices such as pulsed light depilatory aids and electric toothbrushes, amongst others.

This white paper looks at the device opportunity in personal care, health and beauty and discusses the opportunity from three key viewpoints: consumer, technology, and diagnostics.

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